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Why I Became A Financial Advisor & Started My Firm

Why I Became A Financial Advisor & Started My Firm

April 01, 2021

Often the influence of others leads us down a particular path, especially a path not anticipated. My interest and subsequent passion for helping clients with financial matters began with my father-in-law’s interest in the financial world. He was a hardworking teacher and football coach who did well on a teacher’s salary and read The Wall Street Journal religiously. I enjoyed picking his brain and trying to understand what he knew. But that is just the first part of the story.

When I was in grad school, my father-in-law passed away, and we realized that his estate was a mess. Everyone who provided advice not only did not coordinate with others, they made mistakes due to the lack of coordination. I saw that with some competent help, my father-in-law could have had things in order and made the process less stressful for his loved ones. I wanted to play that role for others, helping them thoroughly plan and make sound financial decisions. 

The Journey

My first career began with my bachelor’s degree in engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy, pilot training, and years flying for the U.S. Air Force. Years later, I decided to return to school to obtain an MBA in finance from the University of California, Berkeley. By the time I graduated, I intended to use my knowledge and experience to guide others through the financial decision-making process so they can avoid pitfalls and mistakes that derail their financial future. I founded my firm, Epsilon Financial Group, so I could make that dream a reality. 

I appreciate the importance of the multiple uses and meanings of words, so I applied this idea to the name of the firm, Epsilon. In statistical analysis, epsilon is the factor that indicates how well a mathematical formula explains an analysis. Since the beginning, and fundamental to the entire process, my goal has been to provide an educational foundation for my clients, making sure they understand the issues and choices well so they can proceed with sound decisions. I want them to be confident and draw peace of mind in the decision process.

In the three decades since Epsilon Financial Group opened its doors, we have grown as a firm and as a client family. With an advisory team committed to continually growing, learning, and increasing their knowledge so they can provide unparalleled support and service, we are gratified that our clients have come to rely on us to help them achieve their investment and financial goals. 

Why I Love What I Do

I have been doing this work for almost 40 years, and I enjoy every day because I have the opportunity to deal with complicated analyses and the satisfaction of presenting the results to clients in a way that clarifies the choices and decisions they face. Such contributions to help others with something as important as their financial life and their future is a privilege. All the members of the firm and I have a devotion to our clients. We strive continually to exceed their expectations, to advocate for them, and to cheer them on no matter what life brings their way. 

The Next Step

Pursuing and achieving goals is much easier when you are not alone in the process. A helpful knowledgeable guide and a dependable advocate and supporter make the challenges easier. If you’re interested in learning more about how our Epsilon team serves our clients, I encourage you to contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. Email or call 7007-428-5500 to start.

About Mark

Mark is CEO and founding principal of Epsilon Financial Group, Inc., an independent, fee-only wealth management firm. With over 35 years of experience, Mark strives to help his clients make sound financial decisions and navigate complex financial situations. Mark is passionate about providing services that add value to his clients’ lives and help them achieve financial peace of mind as they pursue their goals. He is known for the extra effort he exerts on behalf of his clients with his first-class client service. Mark has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy and an MBA in finance from the University of California, Berkeley. He is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA), Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®), Certified Investment Management Consultant (CIMC), and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional. To learn more about Mark, connect with him on LinkedIn.