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Our Core Beliefs

  • The client’s interests always come first. All recommendations that we make are based on the client’s needs and best interests, and not on our business priorities. This fundamental approach provides the basis for long-term success and the retention of professional integrity.

  • All decisions should reflect the overall welfare of the client. We seek first to understand the clients’ values, and we help the client define their goals clearly We bring sophisticated analytical tools to each client’s plan to give them insight. But analysis is only useful if it leads to developing practical, understandable solutions. Our comprehensive approach as part of a long-term financial plan leads to better monitoring, improved flexibility, and more personal control.

  • A careful, thoughtful process is essential to making sound decisions, and to avoiding an emotional reaction to a stressful event. Focus, discipline and time are fundamental to achieving financial success.

  • A fundamental and essential part of investing is to understand what does work, and what does not work. Too often investment promises are unrealistic. We avoid this pitfall by using academically proven research (Modern Portfolio Theory) to support the investment philosophy. We believe capital markets are efficient and we help clients use them to their benefit. Having an objective, disciplined strategy provides consistency and better outcomes.

  • The prospect for long-term success improves with a documented plan of action. A formal financial plan describes the rationale, intent and constraints of your strategy. Documentation creates accountability and mutual understanding for the client and advisor. It provides guidance in turbulent times and encourages clients to remain focused on long-term goals. A well-designed financial plan is a dynamic tool that accommodates a client’s evolving financial needs.

There is a word underlying all of our core beliefs, and that word is Fiduciary. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are required to act in a fiduciary capacity with all of our clients at all times. In addition, we work every day to place our clients’ needs above our own – demonstrating loyalty and due care for our clients – and the utmost good faith in all our dealings. We are supporting members of The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard and are committed to implementing the Real FiduciaryTM Practices into our wealth management and financial planning activities.

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